Receive a FREE PREMIUM GRUB TREATMENT OR 12% PREPAID DISCOUNT when you sign up for our Basic 7 step weed control program. Some restrictions apply.

Lawn Care Treatments

Annual Weed Control and Fertilization  Offering the Maintenance Program including 5 applications or the Basic Program including 7 applications.

Program Benefits

Basic and Deluxe programs receive free service calls between regular treatments. (Maintenance program receives 1 service call per year)

Specialty Services

Flea, Tick, insect, grub treatments,and turf damaging insect (extra charge)

Greensmaster Lawn Services

Flea and Tick treatments.

Ensure your yard and four legged friends are flea and tick free this summer. Greensmaster Lawn offers a comprehensive flea and tick treatment that mixes right in with our fertilizer. Providing powerful, cost effective pest control and prevention.

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